The Well-Paid Wedding Pro: Profitable Pricing Strategies

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Learn how to price with confidence, get paid what you're worth, and finally turn a profit with The Well-Paid Wedding Pro, the ultimate pricing guide for the wedding industry!

In this 100+ page Splendid Guidebook, you'll learn:

  • What works (and what doesn’t) for each industry segment (no more trying to make planner or photographer pricing models fit your floral business, etc).
  • How to price for celeb clients (and pitfalls to avoid).
  • The pros and cons of working for free, for trade, for press/exposure, etc.
  • When (and how) to offer sales, discounts, or coupons. 
  • Money mindset and common “hangups” people have when setting their rate. (While we believe in dreaming big, you will not find any "Just say it and the universe will manifest it" advice here.)
  • Cross-cultural considerations when talking about money (negotiating expectations, etc).
  • The differing stages & opportunities wedding pros can choose to pursue (mass market vs luxury, licensing, franchising, wholesale, speaking or appearance fees, etc).
  • Kickbacks, commissions, finder’s fees, price fixing, and other controversial pricing methods common in the industry.

Written by Splendid Insights founder and wedding industry management consultant, Liene Stevens, The Well-Paid Wedding Pro is everything she knows about pricing for the wedding industry. Everything. No gimmicks: no holding back information so you hire her as your business consultant, no bait and switch to get you to buy something else, and no signing up for an email list you can never seem to get off of. Just valuable strategies and insights you can use to make your business more profitable.

By pre-ordering today you'll save $100 off the normal price of $249 and you'll be the first to receive The Well-Paid Wedding Pro on July 10, 2019!

The Well-Paid Wedding Pro will be delivered July 10, 2019 as a digital download. Pre-order rate of $149 valid until July 9, 2019.


The results in this report are based on data from completed submissions of a continuous online survey conducted by Splendid Insights from January 15 - December 15, 2017. The sample was comprised of 16,071 male, female, and non-binary individuals age 16 and older who married in 2017. 

Survey participants were reached via the extensive international network of professionals, suppliers, merchants, and media publishers that Splendid Insights has developed, both within and outside the global wedding industry. Participation eligibility was available to any person who legally married in 2017, regardless of country of residence, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or income level.

Four generational cohorts are represented in this report: Baby Boomers (born 1943-1960), Generation X (born 1961-1978), Millennials (born 1979-2000), and Generation Z (born 2001 or later). 

For this report, marriage relationship types were defined as heterosexual, same-sex, or “other” (in which at least one partner identifies as non-binary).

The survey was administered in English and all currency was denoted in U.S. dollars. 

No incentive was offered to participants for completion of this survey. Incentive was offered to the international network of non-wedding and wedding-related professionals, suppliers, merchants, and media publishers who shared the survey with their communities.

The length of the data collection timeframe and large sample size allowed for more accurate segmentation. 

The margin of error for the Global Wedding Market Report is +/- 1.1% with a 99% confidence level. The margin of error is larger for results based on segmentations of the Global Wedding Market Report, but never exceeds +/- 4.01% with a 95% confidence level. 


You may share portions of the Splendid Insights Wedding Market Reports with your community. Please follow these guidelines:

  • You may share insights in online and traditional mediums (social media, blogs, newsletters, speaking engagements, educational courses, television appearances, interviews, media kits, investor pitch decks, etc).

  • No more than 5 individual statistics may be shared without written permission. Reports may not be shared in their entirety.

  • Our reports may not be resold in any manner, and may not be used as part of an email capture lead strategy.

  • Any shared data must include credit with an active link or tag to or @splendidinsights, in the location it appears (for example, credit must appear on the page or slide featuring a stat, not at the end).

  • Nancy Ray Photography is the official photography partner for Splendid Insights. Any images shared from our reports must include credit with an active link or tag to or @nancyray.

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