2017 Ultra Luxury Wedding Market Report (budgets of $500,000 or higher)

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The 2017 Ultra Luxury Wedding Market Report is 38 full-color pages and includes unbiased wedding statistics and wedding facts from real brides and grooms from around the world who spent $500,000 or more on their 2016 wedding, not including the honeymoon.

At Splendid Insights, we present real wedding budgets in six segments: Intimate ($1000  or less)Economical ($10,000 or less), Standard ($11,000 - $30,000), Premium ($31,000 - $95,000)Luxury ($96,000 or greater), and Ultra Luxury ($500,000 or greater). By not simply lumping real wedding budgets into two categories (average wedding cost and luxury wedding cost), these segments paint a more accurate picture of what couples who are spending different amounts value and are looking for in their wedding planning process.

Wedding Market Reports are delivered in PDF format as an immediate digital download.

The bridal statistics and wedding research reports are divided into four sections: Demographics and Lifestyle, Wedding Budgets and Hiring Decisions, Real Wedding Priorities, and Wedding Media.

The 2017 wedding study reports have a sample size of more than 15,000 heterosexual and same-sex brides and grooms from around the world who married between January and December 2016 and a margin of error of +/- 1.1%. Responses were captured via an online survey.

The 2017 Ultra Luxury Wedding Market Report includes brides and grooms living in countries around the world, including, but not limited to: the United States, Canada and Mexico; Central America and the Caribbean; South America, including Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina; Russia; India and South Asia; Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines; Asia, including China, Japan, and Hong Kong; Australia; Africa, including Nigeria and South Africa; Europe, including the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, and Germany; and the Middle East, including Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel.

Data insights from this report may be shared in part, without written or prior permission, in online and traditional mediums.

Credit must be attributed to Splendid Insights 2017 Ultra Luxury Wedding Market Report or Splendid Insights. Any online mentions must include an active link to SplendidInsights.com.

This report may not be published or shared in its entirety online, in print, or any other format. Data from this report may not be resold.

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