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wedding marketing researchSplendid Insights is the leading wedding market research firm, providing unbiased research on the $298 billion global bridal industry.

Founded in 2009 by behavioral psychologist and wedding business expert Liene Stevens, Splendid Insights was created to find answers to questions that wedding professionals were actually asking. While writing her first book on marketing weddings to millennials, Liene became frustrated by the type of bridal consumer research being published. She knew the wedding industry was multifaceted and influential and yet entire sections of it went ignored.

Survey questions tended to focus solely on spending and offered little insight into the behavior that went into finding and hiring wedding vendors and suppliers, including how today’s brides and grooms use both traditional and digital media.

When it did come to spending, wedding budgets were lumped into two categories: average and luxury. Luxury weddings were defined as anything over $60,000 and there was very little data available on weddings with six- and seven-figure budgets.

In addition, most market research was owned by bridal media companies and presented with bias, highlighting areas that served their profit centers and keeping anything unflattering under wraps. Unbiased market research often came with a hefty price tag, starting at $10,000 per user license – doable for a big-box registry chain, but out of reach for the majority of wedding businesses.

Splendid Insights was intentionally designed to make consumer market research accessible to the creative businesses that are the backbone of the wedding industry: a floral shop owned by a mother and daughter team, a husband and wife photography studio, an invitation designer who got her start on Etsy, a wedding planning company run by a single mom, and so on.

Our reports are written in easy to understand, non-scientific language and include well-designed charts and graphs so that you can quickly get the insights and wedding statistics you need to make confident business decisions.

Splendid customers range from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies and include wedding and event creatives, hotel groups, jewelers, lifestyle retailers, media companies, tourism boards, management consulting firms, and more.