Negotiating Celebrity Wedding Press

STARS: THEY MARRY JUST LIKE US. Having celebrity wedding clients doesn't matter . . . until it does.

THE STATS: Just 3% of couples having Southern weddings say that the number of celebrity clients a vendor has worked with matters when choosing who to hire.

GET SPLENDID: While only a small number of couples say they care about you having worked with celebrities, the press celeb weddings generates can be beneficial for booking future clients. Often, celebs who want their weddings promoted everywhere are looking to leverage that press for their own business interests: weddings are feel-good news stories that can boost their personal brand and increase their spokesperson opportunities. Sometimes these particular clients ask for many of their wedding costs to be comped with a promise of press for the wedding vendors. If you do decide that providing free services in exchange for press is a smart, strategic move, make sure to get in writing, in your contract, that your company is mentioned by name on any press they do. Free can be strategic, so trust your gut but ALWAYS do the math. You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.