Selling Weddings with Content Marketing

BRIDES DON'T KNOW what they don't know. Neither do grooms. You, on the other hand, could fill a book with everything you've already forgotten about weddings. Use this to your advantage in your marketing.

THE STATS: 64% of couples with premium wedding budgets ($31,000-$95,000) want to see more real wedding planning advice from wedding-related media. (Only 4% want to see less of this.)

GET SPLENDID: This doesn't just apply to official media companies, it extends to any wedding content provider, and if you share your work on Instagram or your blog, that's you. While you're sharing inspiring photos of weddings you've worked on, share a bit of your expertise in the captions or text. No need for an essay, even a quick tip on where to place your hands in a photo for the most flattering result, which flowers attract tons of bees and shouldn't be placed at the cake table, or which songs are good but not yet overdone for first dances, will help engage your followers in a way that simply just sharing a photo does not. And don't worry: the couples who use your advice to DIY weren't going to hire you anyway, so you may as well help them while establishing yourself as an expert to the people who will spend money on you. Win-win.