How Your Instagram Short Cut Is Costing You Sales

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: Your Instagram game is on point, but the way you use Twitter may be undoing all your hard work and costing you wedding inquiries.

THE STATS: More than 1 in 4 couples tying the knot in the South use Twitter to find at least one of their wedding professionals.

GET SPLENDID: Twitter is one of the sources often used by engaged couples to vet a wedding pro they initially discovered elsewhere (Instagram, Style Me Pretty, etc). If you use it primarily to complain, you will probably never hear from a potential client, no matter how beautifully curated your Instagram feed is or how gorgeous your feature in Vogue or Town and Country Weddings is. And if you're only auto-linking your Instagram posts, it gives the impression that you're disorganized, can't multi-task, and can't handle having anything else on your plate (like their wedding). This may not be true, but it's the message your brand is sending when you auto-post your Insta photos to Twitter.

No one wants to take a chance on a wedding vendor who may drop the ball on something related to their big day. Twitter is its own platform with its own set of content expectations. Learning how to best use it for your business can literally pay off, but using the short cuts can cost you sales you didn't even know you were losing.

Your homework: unlink your Instagram from your Twitter account.