Selling to Millennial Brides and Grooms

TODAY'S BRIDES AND GROOMS ARE SMART. And they have a psychological need for others to recognize and respect them for it.

THE STATS: More than half of couples with premium wedding budgets ($31,000-$95,000) want their wedding to reflect their ability to make smart choices.

GET SPLENDID: Millennials grew up in classrooms that placed a heavy emphasis on teamwork. Because Gen Y had to work on projects as a group (often with their desks arranged in "pods"), the opinion of their peers matters to them a lot more than it does to Gen X and Boomer brides and grooms. Millennials have an intrinsic need to show they can make smart choices on their own and, at an event they're hosting where all their friends are in attendance, they are even more motivated to do so. This internal driver is often subconscious, but keeping it in mind will help you have more productive meetings and conversations with your clients.