The Best Way To Use Pinterest With Your Brides and Grooms

YOU SAY "TOMAHTO." I say "tomaytoe" because that's how it's pronounced. Seriously though, words matter. And getting clients to define what their wedding descriptions mean to them can make anyone a little crazy.

THE STATS: 55% of couples with premium wedding budgets ($31,000-$95,000) want their wedding to look and feel 'sophisticated'.

GET SPLENDID: 'Sophisticated,' like 'classy,' or 'simple' can mean a million different things to a million different brides or grooms. And even if you are sketching and creating a design for them from scratch, this is where Pinterest can help. Instead of asking your clients to find photos of ideas to use, ask them to pin photos that fit their definition of 'sophisticated' (or 'classy' or 'simple' or whatever terms they have their hearts set on). This will help you know if by 'sophisticated' they mean floral arrangements with dripping crystals covering every possible surface or sleek, clean lines in a monochromatic color palette.